All inclusive golf holidays to Turkey


There are many 5 star and “all inclusive” hotels in Antalya; but you can never find the ultra luxury of the Belek area hotels which will be your best choice because of the “all inclusive” experience they provide. Be prepared for the experience of a lifetime, whereyou will find everything you expect from a holiday and more. 

You may start by imagining a stay where you pay for nothing throughout your stay at the hotel and you can freely do anything you can think of any time. This whole concept of “all inclusive stay” offers you food prepared for you by expert chefs on site for your pleasure for free. We know you will be delighted to see many pools (indoor and outdoor pools, heated pools, kids pools) providing you the best hygiene and safety throughout your holiday. You wil be able to benfit from the hotels services 24 hours a day. A dream holiday that you do anything you want, anytime you want is not a dream anymore thank to all inclusive hotels. You can relax in the steam room and the Turkish bath or you can spend your time in the international quality gyms. Both experiences will guarantee feeling refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. Endless entertainment with dance shows, live music and concerts will give you the energy to spend for the next day.

Turkey offer undoubtedly the best all inclusive golf holiday in the world.

Thomas Kaplan – Golf Lover

All inclusive Family & Golf

Families with children can spend time in adult and kids aqua parks. You can also benefit from the kids restaurant service where you can leave them supervised by our experienced staff. “Ultra all inclusive concept” is created to give you the headspace you expect from a holiday by keeping anything that can cause you any worries away from you. Without worrying about paying for any service you get, you can enjoy every aspect of the hotel you are staying at. It is possible to spend a holiday enjoying everything away from your wallet. “Ultimate all incusive hotels” make that dream come true.                                                                         

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Golf Holiday with kids

You will also feel satisfied with the spelndid locations these majestic hotels are located. Right next to idyllic white beaches, hotels will embrace you with the enless blue horizons and their unique concepts. We believe that you deserve the “all inclusive hotel experience” designed with the thought of  you in the center. Everything worth seeing or experiencing is there for you! We suggest that you don’t waste any time and lose yourself in the auspicious flow of this experience now.  

Thanks to the “All Inclusive” belek golf hotels, you can enjoy any food and beverages for free, before or after your round. Golf courses in Belek are inly half an hour from the Antalya International airport. These golf courses that are among not only Turkey’s but also Eurpoe and the world’s leading courses will let your talent shine and maybe you will see your name in a championship soon enough. The holiday that you planned might be on a date that a golf tournament is taking place and you may even get a prize at the end of the tournament. You will be stress free in this holiday that you don’t have to think about the cost of anything, so you can freely enjoy the “all inclusive” lifestyle.